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Over 1,000 dedicated professionals serving approximately 1,000 children and adults with disabilities throughout New York State

Transforming Lives

Advocates supports children and adults with disabilities and their families with 1:1 Mentors/support staff, self-directed Community Habilitation and self-directed residential supports with a Backup Mentor service. We provide Family Training, Family Reimbursement for respite, Service Access, Medical Advocacy and Family Recreation

Self-Directed Support

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Family Education, Support & Training

We offer information and resources on service access, financial planning, trusts, guardianship, communication and other topics to assist family members.


Advocates remains dedicated to safeguarding your health, in addition to the health of your family, our employees and our community. We are closely following the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and regulatory agencies that is being updated daily to inform agency decisions. We encourage you to use the CDC as your primary source of information about what actions to take to protect your health. CDC website: 

As the Advocates team works together to support you and your family through this difficult time, we encourage you to discuss personal protective measures and social distancing with your family.

Centers for Disease Control website:   

Department of Health website: 

Novel Coronavirus Hotline (Department of Health): 1-888-364-3065 

Department of Health

 The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is urging the entire country to immediately practice social distancing to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. 

What does social distancing mean and why it is essential to control the COVID-19 outbreak?:

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