Leadership Team Contacts, Compliance Information & Reporting

To report an Incident or a Quality or Compliance Concern, call: 315-401-1293

Anonymous, confidential reports of suspected non-compliance can be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 315-457-1271 or by completing this online form.

We welcome the opportunity to connect with the people we support, families and team members across the 52 counties we serve! You can reach the Advocates’ Leadership Team at anytime by emailing teamwork@advocatesincorporated.org or reach out directly via the contact information below.

Executive Director: Amy Dugliss
315-469-9931 ext. 214; amy@advocatesincorporated.org

Associate Executive Director: Beth Henderson
315-469-9931 ext. 243; beth@advocatesincorporated.org

Director of Compliance, Quality & Incident Management: Carol Gentry
315-469-9931 ext. 204; carol@advocatesincorporated.org

Director of Human Resources: Sandy Finn
315-469-9931 ext. 255; sandy@advocatesincorporated.org

Chief Financial Officer: Sally Stanley

Director of Community Services: Nicole Miller

Director of Independent Broker Services: Joanne Reid

Director of Agency Broker Services: Justin Sheer

Director of Fiscal Intermediary Services: Kristin Kukula

Director of Training & Support Services: Chelsea McClellan

Director of Recruitment: Justin Coyne

Director of Development & Communications: Cheri Haskins

Director of Family Support Services: Niki Dreis

Board of Directors: Anne Lee, President BOD@advocatesincorporated.org

If you have a question or need to report a concern regarding Medicaid Compliance or Quality of Care, please contact our Director of Compliance, Quality and Incident Management, any of our Leadership Team members listed below, or a member of our Board of Directors.

View Advocates’ Quality and Compliance documents with the links below:

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