Supporting People in the Community: Self-Direction

New York State offers people with intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to choose a combination of supports and services based on their needs and preferences. Self-Direction provides you and your family with the flexibility to choose and change your goals, schedule, activities and staff based upon your wants and needs.

These supports can include a 1:1 Mentor to support you with increasing independence and health through daily living activities, learning new skills, exploring new opportunities, participating in activities of interest, and creating social connections. 

Identifying Your Goals

Self-Direction begins with a person-centered plan that identifies your personal goals and objectives. This is an individualized approach to planning that focuses on the your strengths and capabilities while addressing your needs. 

We partner with you and your Circle of Support including your Care Manager to develop a support plan that identifies staff supports, mileage, financial subsidies, and other services that you may need to successfully live the life you want. Self-Direction allows you to manage these supports and services with the help of Advocates.

Helping You Choose Which Supports Are Right for You

Everyone has the right to choose whether they want to have full budget and employer authority within a Self-Direction Budget, or to choose more support from the agency through services like our Agency Supported Self-Directed Community Habilitation service. Either way, you can receive the supports and services that you need and have as much control as you want to have.

Advocates will work with you and your family to develop and manage your customized plan on an ongoing basis. It is a collaborative model whereby you, your family and your Circle of Support works as a team with Advocates to schedule, hire, train, and supervise your staff. Advocates will help you identify resources, recruit, hire, schedule and manage 1:1 or shared staff, find opportunities for community participation, network with others to create meaningful social opportunities, and help manage all of the paperwork.

We Are Here for You and Your Family

For more information on where to begin or to request our services, please contact 315.469.9931 to speak with one of the team members below.

Family Liaison, Niki Dreis:

Self-Direction Intake Coordinator, Olivia Layton:

Director of Community Habilitation, Nicole Miller:

Become a Mentor

For more information on becoming a Mentor or joining our team, please visit our Join Our Team page

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