Advocates Companion Care FAQs

What is Companion Care?

Companion Care is a private pay service for those who wish to hire 1:1 support staff through Advocates. This service is available to seniors, children, or adults of any age in need of support in Onondaga, Oswego, Madison or Cayuga county. Your Advocates’ Companion Care Coordinator will work with you and your family to develop a care plan and provide support with interviewing, training and supervising your 1:1 staff. Your Coordinator will be an ongoing resource for you and your care team to ensure that your staffing needs are met.

Do I need OPWDD or Medicaid eligibility?

No, OPWDD or Medicaid eligibility is not required.

Why should I use Advocates’ Companion Care instead of paying for my own staff?

Advocates will serve as the employer of record for all Companions, providing functions such as recruitment, staff screening, employee background checks, employee benefits, and payroll processing. Companion Care Coordinators will work with the individual receiving services and their circle of support to develop a care plan and provide ongoing supports and resources to ensure that staffing needs are met. Advocates has over 1,000 dedicated support staff and provides employer of record functions such as staff recruitment, screening/ completing background checks, administration of employee benefits, and employee payroll processing.

How much does Companion Care cost?

The hourly cost of Companion Care is $28.64 per hour of service.

The individual/designee has the option to be invoiced for staff mileage at a rate of $.585 per mile if requesting community-based services or errands.

Who can be my Companion?

Advocates has a large pool of qualified Mentors and Companions. Companion Care Coordinators will work with our Recruitment Team to find a match best for you. If an individual has a self-identified Companion they would like to work with, Advocates will hire that person contingent on fingerprints and background check. Any person 18 and older is eligible to be a Companion.

How do I start Companion Care Services?

If you would like to start services, or if you have any further questions about Companion Care, you can email or call Sean Soboleski (Director of Companion Care Services) at (315) 247-9308.

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