Compliance and Quality Information

Compliance and Quality are Everyone’s Responsibility!

If you have a question or need to report a concern regarding Medicaid Compliance or Quality of Care, please contact our Director of Quality, Compliance and Incident Management, any of our Leadership Team members listed below, or a member of our Board of Directors.

Anonymous, confidential reports of suspected non-compliance can be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 315-457-1271.

Executive Director: Amy Dugliss
315-469-9931 ext. 214;

Chief Financial Officer: Sally Stanley
315-469-9931 ext. 210;

Director of Quality, Compliance and Incident Management: Carol Gentry
315-469-9931 ext. 204;

Director of Human Resources: Sandy Kratz
315-469-9931 ext. 255;

Director of Individualized Services: Beth Henderson
315-469-9931 ext. 243;

Director of Independent Broker Services: Joanne Reid
315-469-9931 ext. 217;

Director of Agency Supported Community Habilitation: Nicole Miller
315-469-9931 ext. 224;

Fiscal Intermediary Services: Kristin Kukula
315-469-9931 ext. 238;

Training & Support Specialists/SD Coordinators: Chelsea McClellan

315-469-9931 ext. 239;

President of the board of Directors: James Muldoon

View Advocates’ 2019 Quality and Compliance documents with the links below:

Quality Management Plan

Risk Management Plan

Corporate Compliance Program

Notice of Privacy Practices

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